New law puts spotlight on India child abuse PDF Print E-mail

New law puts spotlight on India child abuse

Activists say cultural attitudes and red tape have allowed child abuse to run rife in India. But a new law seeks to change that by bringing abuse to light.

New Delhi, India

The abuse started when Jyoti was 9-years-old. Her sister's husband would take her on car rides promising her ice cream. But the trips always ended with him fondling her, demanding kisses, and  more. By the time she was 18, he was abusing her weekly and threatened to kidnap her if she told anyone.

She eventually told her parents, but, as she expected, they did nothing. Going to the police was unthinkable for a middle-class Indian family worried about public ridicule and preserving the honor of its women.

Then, years later, she saw bite marks on her 4-year-old daughter’s armpits, cheeks, and genitals. Jyoti learned her husband was molesting their child. This time, she says, “I did not keep quiet."

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