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New York Times

Banned Substances Claim an Outsize Role in Athletics in India

Lost and Found at the Kumbh, Mela

Skiing Gulmarg Means Thrills Beyond the Powder

Security Forces Injure Citizens in Srinagar Attacks

Conde Nast Traveller

Snow-Kissed Gulmarg

The Christian Science Monitor

India gang rape: Why was everyone so slow to help?

In India, a Hindu nationalist rebuilds image with Muslim votes

New law puts spotlight on India child abuse

With Kasab execution, Indian gears of justice unusually swift

Bal Thackery: godfather of nativists in India's most cosmopolitian city

Baba Ramdev: Can a yogi turns India's politics on its head?

India's big power blackout: Why coal hasn't been a savior

In India Anna Hazare again drawing crowds against corruption

How an Indian Wrestler Defied Gender Taboos

Inshah Malik is Trying to Rebuild Kashmir With a Different Weapon Her Pen

Delhi Tackles Air Pollution with More Auto Rickshaws

Maldives Hailed as Democracy Poster Child Turns to Islamist Fundamentalism

Pakistan President Visits India but Distrust Runs Deep

Why India is Trying to Expand Trade with Iran

Elections In India Point to Political Upheaval Ahead

Pedals, Gears, and Poles: India's Makeshift Wheelchairs

India's Economy Loses its Luster

Roots and Resilience

Teaching on the Run

Why India Pulled the Welcome Mat for Wal-Mart

Deadly Fire Promps Review of India's Booming Hospitals

A Breakfast to Warm Winter in Kashmir

Christmas Bonanza Decks Streets, Storefronts of New Dehli

Corruption in India - I Was Approached for a Bribe

Back on Hunger Strike, India's Anna Hazare Resumes Corruption Fight

Youth in Indian-Controlled Kashmir Fight for Independence with Art

National Geographic

Delhi Offers Cleaner Auto Rickshaws, but Residents Choose Cars

Massive Hindu Pilgrimage Melting Sacred Glacier

India Maps Out a Nuclear Power Future, Amid Opposition

"Venice of Asia" Canals Disappearing

"Goddess" Glacier Melting in War-Torn Kashmir

Kicking it in Kashmir

Checking in: A Night at Nedous

Dispatch from Libya: Part 1 Preparing to run 125 miles in the desert

Dispatch From Libya: Part 2 The start of the race

The Daily Beast

India's Hot Art Bazaar

AL Jazeera English

Kashmir's Climate Frontline

Badwater: A Race for All Ages

Adventure Racing in Libya

Cambodia’s Athletes Seek a Better Playing Field

In Mongolia, Competition Worth Singing About

All Systems Gobi for Silk Road Race

Marathon Runners Reach a Great Wall

Marathon and Beyond Magazine

"One World Many Dreams" is a 6,000 word narrative on the 2008 Olympic stories from India, China, Mongolia, and Cambodia. See an excerpt

Outlook Traveller Magazine

“Freeze Frame”- Environmental challenges the government faces in Kashmir, India

South Asia Tribune.Com and Pakistan Link.Com

“Pakistanis Apologize to Father for Son Daniel Pearl’s Murder”