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I work in print, video, and radio, capturing stories of people in some of the most remote and populated places on the planet. Some of these include riding alongside six-year old jockeys in Mongolia's Nomad Olympics, running in a 135-mile foot race across the Libyan Desert and documenting Kashmiri women's little-told narratives of experiencing sexual violence during conflict. Based in Delhi, I also cover daily news and developments in a country undergoing rapid social and economic change.

My work appears regularly in the Christian Science Monitor and National Geographic. I have also appeared in TIME, Global Post, CNN, Daily Beast and AJE, among others.

Equipped with all of my own gear, the ability to shoot, and write in various mediums, I’m a one-woman band. I enjoy engaging in the newest forms of media, while maintaining accurate, intelligent and in-depth reporting.

It's the stories of people that motivate me to get up every day with or without power here in India